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[New Seller] Women's Dress Starts from Rs. 6

[New Seller] Women's Dress Starts from Rs. 6

Nov 11, 2017, 10:27 am
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  • Sdm all order cancelled - 11 months
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  • Rose Order cancelled, - 11 months
  • Vaidraj All orders canceled - 11 months
  • Vaidraj All orders canceled by Amazon now. Refund received - 11 months
  • Received a Said the seller will be no more entertained and in your orders they are showing to contact seller no cancellation option - 11 months
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  • Expert rev Pls update if u receive anythg - 11 months
  • Ryan Order all ? I can't see any of the product - 11 months
  • Expert rev Ordered all? More cancels more chances of acc getting terminated by amazon idiots quality team - 11 months
  • Mds ordered all - 11 months
  • Abd Ordered. Waiting for order cancellation. - 11 months