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[ICICI Card Users] Mi 10i

[ICICI Card Users] Mi 10i

2 weeks
₹ 18999
How to buy this product?

31. Goto product page ... tag=841192 at Amazon and buy the product.

2. Shipping Rs. 40 for orders below Rs. 499. Subscribe to Amazon prime to get free shipping on all orders.

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  • R looking Amazon Prime Membership renew offer - 1 week
  • R looking Amazon Prime Membership - 1 week
  • Experience Many MI A series phones are dead by their latest update, now they compile customer to replace the motherboard by paying money. it means MI can get indian money by a simple update patch. so think before buy chinese products - 1 week
  • Krishan this is the best phone in this range . and people who say bycott chinese so please throw your phones away because every component in your phone is chinese so i request you to be good citizens and throw your phones away and never use a phone again - 1 week
  • Krishan i love mi and will definetly buy it - 1 week
  • Srinu haaaaaa - 1 week
  • India Dear all, Please do not buy China product - 1 week
  • Red @Anon and @Sp exactlu correct. Government gets Gst as well many taxes like import tax, transportation, fuel etc. Government want to do business with China. We are living peacefully because of our Armyband be proud for that. Business and sentiment are totally different. Grow up guys - 2 weeks
  • Anon Don't drag army into everything. We all agree they are saving us. But what did you do for them? What mobile you are using? What laptop you are using? Come on grow up. - 2 weeks
  • Anon Exactly @SP your points are crystal clear.. Here some people just show off that they are avoiding Chinese products but in reality chinese products everywhere. THey need to accept and move on. Instead bashing some one else who is telling the truth is just a ignorance. Remember few days back what our govt did? Mumbai's future metro commuters will be riding trains made-in-China... Have you raised your voice against there? Nope. - 2 weeks
  • Sp If govt really wants to help Indian companies grow then it can reduce GST for Indian conpanies and impose high GST on foreign products. This will reduce cost of Indian products which in turn increases the sale. - 2 weeks
  • Sp What @red says is right. For every product sold, India get taxes. For mobiles 18% GST, which means for a mobile worth 10000rs, our govt gets 1800rs. So govt don't care as long as more products are sold. - 2 weeks
  • Red Think you need to learn more and understand. Supreme court will not interfere in Policies of Government. Also Xiaomi Poco have offices in India and they are saying as Indian . Company . Just take a look how many chinese companies bcame in 5 years to India - 2 weeks
  • Dr food All I can say is you need to read and learn more. Any unjust ban will be stuck down by supreme court of india too.if you can not understand difference between banning app and banning xiaomi/chinese product - 2 weeks
  • Red Indian have no other chance to buy, only chinese products are avaiable. Not sure why you guys are jumping. Whatever the agreement, it may be camcelled due ti security reasons. Government gets good taxes and want to continue the business - 2 weeks