Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (Black, 32 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (Black, 32 GB)  (3 GB RAM)

8 months
₹ 10999
₹ 8499
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  • Antihindi as I already stated a bunch of retards barking is not gonna change a fact...if ur so called noob friendly stock android is so good, why only few companies are releasing it....its pathetic to see ur condition...even elderly people are able to use it with ease while ur lazy arse shouting as 'it has too many features which I don't need, as my brain is nothing but a pile of turd' - 6 months
  • Haresh lol everyone is saying miui is shit but that punny is still keeping sude of it because of his shitty ego like his shitty colory skinned ui - 6 months
  • Antihindi hey anus ur stock Android is sshhit just like ur asssshhole - 6 months
  • Anon Hey anti moron, Xiaomi sucks, just like you - 6 months
  • Antihindi @haresh ..either must be a troll trying to provoke arguments in every forums oru must be really dumb deep down to grid locked into propagating stock Android - 6 months
  • Antihindi @haresh....i can understand of ur puny brain unable to carry out advanced functions...and shhit locked to noob friendly stock android...but doesn't mean skinned androids are inferior to them....this is y I am telling u to step out of ur cave and have a look at other phones...but ur turd brain couldn't comprehend them.and as u don't have any valid points..u r simply just shouting lag/shiity...get some sleep in ur cave now and try to get out TMRW and explore the world - 6 months
  • Bhadri Hi Friends
    i am not supporting and not opposing any one.
    Please stop Discussion.
    if u think U r correct then gift your liked OS mobile to other OS liked person. He will support You.
    that's All. Why to quarrel here.
    Please be patient. don't waste time here...
    we came here to Grab some deals. Keep Doing that...OK - 6 months
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  • Milan miui Or Stock Android both are Perfect In There Own
    i used Stock Android Since Android 6 to 9 now I Currently on miui using Both I can say That both Have Some Advantage Nd Disadvantages so Which Os Great It's Veries Form One User To Other User
    - 6 months
  • Bhadri Hi Friends...
    i don't think this is the correct place to discuss about that issue.
    Just because of these comments for 2 months old offer product is showing in first place under comments section.
    So please Stop and allow all users to see useful comments about latest deals. - 6 months
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