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  • Kumar Hi @Alt - I faced the same experience. Which area are you from? - 1 day
  • Anand testing - 1 week
  • Alt Thanks, guys. After making multiple escalations on X, I received the product. However, I had to collect it from the hub. The hub incharge intentionally didn't want it to be delivered because someone from my area requested not to open the box and he doesn't want to deliver any open box delivery in my area. Although it was a bad experience, I will not prefer - 1 week
  • Raj எனக்கும் இதேஎனக்கும் இதேபோன்று அனுபவம் உள்ளது ஆர்டர் செய்த பின் அந்தப் பொருளை திருப்பி அனுப்பினால் அதிக முறை நீங்கள் திருப்பி அனுப்பியதாக சொல்லி எனது அக்கவுண்டை பிளாக் செய்தார்கள் - 1 week
  • Sunny @alt i faced the same issue...went to the warehouse in my region and received it from there..ask for the warehouse address from the local delivery guy who visits the area..and go there..you will get the product..in mine case it was 2 laptops.. - 1 week
  • Rkp @Alt , please file a complaint in the police station, I guess you might not get the refund from Flipkart (Mot***r F***s) ,Even if you raise a complaint to Flipkart they keep saying that your issue will be resolved within one week, but it would never get and resolved and they will automatically close the ticket, Please make only COD purchases in Flipkart, Flipkart has become a big scam - 1 week
  • Alt What to do? - 1 week
  • Rkp Never buy expensive items in flipkart.Always go for COD for products .never make online payment. Open the package during delivery and make the payment.. Returns policy has become so bad and worst..Flipkart A**H**es - 1 month
  • Hi திருட்டுப்பய திருட்டுகார்ட், please don't purchase anything from Flipkart . no response from the customer care . they always cheat the people .. - 1 month
  • Rajaraman மறுபடியும் ஏமாத்தா வந்துடான் Fraudkart. - 1 month
  • Raja raman It's true. Flipkart name is fraudkart. i book swing machine OCT 5. delivery date 12 but not delivery correct date 17 next date and till date not receive. Fraud... - 1 month
  • Ssss flipkart became fakekart. becoz their sellers are very frauds. - 1 month
  • Hasshu Why??? - 1 month
  • Flipkart Die-r - 1 month
  • Ap don't buy expensive items from flipkart. better spent 2k extra on amazon but don't buy from flipkart. only purchase phone from there - 1 month