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FREE .ooo Domain

FREE .ooo Domain

6 months


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  • Khemsharma As of now you can change DNS so it's a good deal - 7 months
  • Khemsharma @Kettavan Changing DNS is pretty easy. But it was locked before as you can read in comments below. Everyone was getting message to buy something first but they change that rule now. Before writing a immature comment read related comments. - 7 months
  • Kettavan @Khemsharma hahaha you dont know to setup... what a comedy - 7 months
  • Khemsharma how do you set DNS it was blocked by them last time I checked - 7 months
  • Rajkumar i got three for FREE, i have updated DNS too.. site was live now - 7 months
  • Kpm yes correct, don't waste ur time - 7 months
  • Khemsharma site is useless as you can't change DNS don't waste your time - 7 months
  • Rajkumar i bought three domain's - 7 months
  • Rajkumar buy for one yr for FREE - 7 months
  • Recived to Renewal charges very high, godaddy is best, 149 for 1st year and renewal charges are low as compared to others. - 7 months
  • Nj its free webiste name like google.com facebook.com . free for first year. 2nd year you have to pay - 7 months
  • Asif a free website - 7 months
  • Sam can anyone say what is this? - 7 months
  • Mohan ji this is not working properly
    bcoz this site asking for buy hosting and name server can't change , This Site is Useless - 7 months