M&M's Chocolates Gift Pack- 200g

M&M's Chocolates Gift Pack- 200g

3 months
₹ 300
₹ 150
50% Off
How to buy this product?

1. Goto product page https://www.amazon.in/Ms- ... tag=522160 at Amazon and buy the product.

2. Shipping Rs. 40 for orders below Rs. 499. Subscribe to Amazon prime https://amazon.in/prime to get free shipping on all orders.

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  • Arya stark thank you. I contacted customer care and emailed. I hope it will get resolved. - 3 months
  • John snow go to braavos - 3 months
  • Captain @Thanos lol.. courier boy may eat. - 3 months
  • Arr send a email to [cs-reply@amazon.in] with few pictures of the product you received they will surely help you - 3 months
  • Thanos arya stark ate them and now telling the pack was empty - 3 months
  • Captain amazon cc is user friendly they will help - 3 months
  • Lisa email customer care explain the issue - 3 months
  • Arr @Arya stark - 3 months
  • Arr contact at cs-reply@amazon.in - 3 months
  • Arya stark today I received the parcel from amazon but it was an empty box. And I am trying to claim a refund but I can't find "empty box received" option. what should I do? - 3 months