[Must Try] For Better Photos in Android Google Camera Port APK

[Must Try] For Better Photos in Android Google Camera Port APK

5 months
1. Download and install apk https://www.celsoazevedo.com/fil ... ra/how-to/ in your android mobile. Better photos compare to native camera app.

2. Especially try selfie and night mode shots. you can see big difference.
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  • Tooth don't try just becoz of google cam mod i have to factory reset my phone and lost all the data - 5 months
  • Ser @duke search in xda forums - 5 months
  • Duke which APK will work on Moto g5s+ - 5 months
  • Ser @online cop search for google camera port in youtube and see videos. - 5 months
  • Ser well said @malware bro. google pixel have single camera and produce very good photos because of their software. pixel gives best photos among all mobiles. now this gcam port do wonders in many mobiles. 50% quality improved. - 5 months
  • Malware Online cop if u don't know better don't spread ingnorance.....there is a lot of activities going on beside ur closed cave...don't blabber without trying the Gcam port...try downloading the port from XDA forums - 5 months
  • Online cop Download at your own risk.
    if you ask me it isn't safe.
    and there's many better app at playstore.

    also 95% photos quality depends on camera. if you have shitty phone don't expect magic pic from any app - 5 months
  • Uttam not work mi on note 5 - 5 months
  • Marti @ethan this app asks permissions to access camera and files. whats else they can do - 5 months
  • Ethan Yeah i accept what zukerberg saying but there is also so many chances that that app may contain RAT. we can add just 11 kb to that app with meterpeter and take over the whole mobile phone. I am not saying that there is RAT on that app but i am saying that there may be chances - 5 months
  • Zuckerberg please try different settings on this camera as it depends on every phone's individual Hardware, if greenish or Pinkish picture appear, try manipulation of settings, that might help, and if still stutters, then this port might not be suitable for you. - 5 months
  • Zuckerberg to all those who ask why this isn't available on Play store... its because this is a Ported version of google camera that features Single camera Portrait mode, HDR+, Motion capture, etc. now this all is ported to a normal Google camera APK by a Developer, if they upload it on Playstore with Contents of Google Camera, Playstore will strike that Developer and Ban the Account. thats why This individual developer put his work on XDA. - 5 months
  • Kumar sanu can't use in my ikall waste bought it after seeing offer on thuttu - 5 months
  • Prem time westing - 5 months