Get Free Flipkart Plus for Free Shipping, Priority & Benefits

Get Free Flipkart Plus for Free Shipping, Priority & Benefits

7 months
Important Note : Applicable for selected users only.

Download / Update flipkart app to latest version  here https://www.flipkart.com/mob ... obile-apps

Swipe left and you can flipkart plus option there as image shown below

Click on on that and go to the next page and now click join free 

Now you can get free shipping and below benefits
Not Applicable


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  • Robin For Every 250 purchase, 1 Point Credits(Max. of 10 Points for an Order) - 7 months
  • Robin @Indian, No you cannot. But you can merge 2 accounts of yours after Flipkart Scrutiny. - 7 months
  • Indian Can we transfer coins among friends? - 7 months
  • Jay Got it - 7 months
  • Csk i need 50 coins :-( - 7 months
  • Balaganesh i got it today - 7 months
  • Mobi i think everyone will get it..just a matter of time... don't loose ur hope guys - 7 months
  • Mobi got it today - 7 months
  • K how to get this....what is pay later option??? - 7 months
  • Fsts alrt i m not getiing till now - 7 months
  • Raja got it today for free - 7 months
  • Tk got it - 7 months
  • Hhh @Bong Thanks for your response. - 7 months
  • Baby but the best thing is, no need to pay anything for F plus, just continue doing shopping as usual from FK. Prefer Fkart, compared to others for shopping, and you will have coins in no time - 7 months
  • Manu @Gt . I wrot these comments only after doing what thuttu described about this offer. - 7 months