Redmi Go (8GB)(1 GB RAM)

Redmi Go (8GB)(1 GB RAM)

6 months
₹ 5999
₹ 4499
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  • Antidumeel agree antihind dude - 6 months
  • Antihindi 28nm and long battery life contradict each other... - 6 months
  • Antidumeel meizu c9 lol - 6 months
  • Google @Aj - Meizu k din to kb k gye. RealMi and Redmi will destroy all the brands from toe to top. - 6 months
  • Aj meizu c9 2 gb 3750 made in india backed by alibaba, famous spreadtrum soc 28nm but good batt life, and removable battery, stock android - 6 months
  • Manu Yes.MiUI is better than ios - 6 months
  • Antihindi android go edition doesn't even have split screen...hahah - 6 months
  • Antihindi ios is better than stock android - 6 months
  • Google @Anon - For 6,750 rupees, the Asus Max Pro M1 is a good phone. - 6 months
  • Google @manu - I never said stock android is good. I said if someone really wants a good stock android mobile in less than 8k. - 6 months
  • Anon MaxProM1 is a great phone - 6 months
  • Google The Asus Max Pro M1 specs are as below:
    5.99 full HD screen. Screen quality is the best among all phones under 8,000 rupees.
    SD 636 with 14 NM
    5,000 mAh battery. It is actually powerful. Ok tested by me.
    Multi colour LED notification light which is my favourite thing in mobiles.
    2.5 D glass and metal body
    Dual rear camera setup. 8 MP front camera with flash.
    Nice looks and easy fit in hands. - 6 months
  • Manu yes.stock android is good. - 6 months
  • Google Don't buy it. If someone really wants a good stock android mobile for less than 7,000 rupees, he can buy the Asus Max Pro M1. That phone is far better than this Redmi phone. - 6 months
  • Antihindi yeah worst.. - 6 months