[Sale @ 12 Noon] Oneplus 7 Pro Starts from Rs. 48999

[Sale @ 12 Noon] Oneplus 7 Pro Starts from Rs. 48999

3 months
₹ 48999
How to buy this product?

1. Goto product page https://www.amazon.in/b?n ... tag=525647 at Amazon and buy the product.

2. Shipping Rs. 40 for orders below Rs. 499. Subscribe to Amazon prime https://amazon.in/prime to get free shipping on all orders.

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  • Honest man Poco F1 sound quality is not good - 3 months
  • Ethan Nobody will accept their brand is worst.. dont belive? Ask @ROGER..they know it’s overpriced still they will not accept.. fanboys, - 3 months
  • Doctor 48000 Mera life time mobile budget hai. - 3 months
  • Thanos @aj google it and see it and start with SCREEN do u even know what 90hz means - 3 months
  • Thanos and what s10 have even op7pro cant have - 3 months
  • Roger i accept with @gotech views. Its worth for its quality and looks. dont compare this with cheap look phones like poco. I have op 6t. really happy with that. - 3 months
  • Aj it has a 90Hz screen and UFS 3, it is very very fast, even s10 doesnt have these features - 3 months
  • Snapper this debate on OP 7 sucks fellas... when the basic utility factor hits the score with affordability POV...n ofcrse all 5 ppl in a family can get a decent smart phone for the cost of this OP7 - 3 months
  • Gotech We can't afford 7 Pro, It's not inexpensive but its worth it. See the Build quality, Speed, Camera, Oxygen OS, Customer Satisfaction... If you have money just buy OnePlus 7 Pro... its worth every rupee - 3 months
  • Captain i guess oneplus will move into 3 versions. oneplus lite, oneplus, oneplus pro - 3 months
  • Ethan One plus slowly turning into yet another (flagship) Iphone .. No new features yet increase in price.. Seriously who needs 12 gb of ram? for laptop itself 8 gb is enough.. Just to show off... - 3 months
  • Googlebaba over priced. we really don't have such specs for our daily use until we are hardcore gamers. Don't get blown away with fancy things created by the OnePlus marketing team. The OP 7 is still okay.
    if you really need a good phone for 20k, check out the Poco F1 on Flipkart. That is the best VFM product for now. - 3 months
  • Captain @ram how u come into conclusion without using it? - 3 months
  • Sam Wait for poco f2 - 3 months
  • M0ana overpriced dud - 3 months