Samsung Galaxy S9 ( 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Samsung Galaxy S9 ( 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

1 month
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₹ 22999
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  • Asif what purpose are you going to use mainly?
    camera? game? or any others?

    if u want camera then choose the mobile f1.2 or f1.4 and macro lens

    if u want play game then choose the mobile 8 core 2.2ghz

    i am using OnePlus 5 i installed windows 7 on my phone. i take photos (long exposure, portrait and more) i take more than 1lakh photo on my OnePlus

    all about mind set if u buy this u want learn the processor, camera rules and more that will help u.

    price is doesn't matter brother. once u buy it u need to use long term - 1 month
  • Dr. All please buy what you like and see what your pocket allows, its just a phone. Thanks - 1 month
  • Shane Despite wasting money on Redmi. I can tell everyone here if someone say Xiaomi, oppo, Realme phone are better than samsung, apple, nokia phone.
    they are plain stupid.

    Samsung S9 is still much better than most of flagship phone of these companies.

    if you don't believe me, visit any mall test both phone there. Camera MP doesn't matter. image quality does. test both. - 1 month
  • Shane I own redmi k20 pro. it's not worth it. I won't recommend it to anyone. it's camera quality is same as Realme XT, oppo etc.
    i purchased because of hype created by stupid people and manukumar is another one. Don't listen to him. if he like it soo much. he should buy it for all members of his family. lol - 1 month
  • God @Jagz Kya re Chammar, Samajh me bhi aaya ke taali bajake chala gaya? - 1 month
  • Jagz lol - 1 month
  • Manukumarj Brand Value? You dont buy phone to sell it later, Its not property that You could treasure it for a resale, according to Scores, its not just on papers, its Quite a Boost as S9 has Exynos and K20 Pro has 855, it would be foolish to even compare, both has High Quality camera and Good screen, Moreover, K20 has Higher Battery with Faster charging speed. its not just #FlagshipKiller for no reason. it destroys OP7 too. - 1 month
  • Dr. Sure it has better hardware on papers but in real world usage it blows away k20 which it has no brand value however choice is yours. - 1 month
  • Manukumarj @Dr. check both phone's benchmark and Camera Index score You'll see who has what, and Who beats Who. - 1 month
  • Manukumarj @Dr. Redmi K20 Pro can beat S9 anytime. - 1 month
  • Dr. Because of brand value and much higher resolution screen and top notch cameras. - 1 month
  • S7 it's worth now - 1 month
  • Edappadi why flipkart cancel my order automatically.....any one tell about this - 1 month
  • Svb 91 why not redmi k20 pro in lesser price? - 1 month
  • Dr. Low battery but rest is fine for next 2 years. - 1 month