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[Supermart] Toor Dal  (500 g)

[Supermart] Toor Dal  (500 g)

1 week
₹ 50
₹ 1
98% Off
Not Applicable


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  • Kathir it shows Rs.65 - 1 week
  • Dealdigger this Flipkart super mart Rs.1 deals varies and are based on the city location.. means may not b same product bt u will get dfntly any two to three products @1Rs. if the stock available. Remember u must b Plus Member to get full benefit out of it. don't blame thuttu n Flipkart. - 2 months
  • chuitya bante he sale - 2 months
  • Calliz cheating - 2 months
  • Ab This is so stupid...i clicked on the order on the second this was posted..! and it shows the regular price.. - 2 months